Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Podium Camp 2008

So yadayada... The camp was postponed to the 25 & 26th April 2008... Everybody had fun and ended up half-dead after the camp!! =)

Day 1:
Everyone reported @ 6pm. And yea, briefing. Followed by it, was WARFARE! Nice team spirit from what I could see. Water bombs were flying all over. Almost everybody got wet including the innocent squad leaders! >.<
Next, the sharing session was over and everybody proceeded to the basketball court. Spooky spooky stories! And in fact, some of the stories were real okay! The night walk started at 12.15am. (cos we had to wait for things to be prepared). It lasted till around 1.40am and the POLICE came in 3 patrol cars! Apparently they thought something bad had happened and there were even dogs with them! Okay, for those who missed it, so sorry... We didn't want it to happen either? But for those who volunteered to go first for the night walk, very brave yea? Hope they really enjoyed the "walk". So the day ended around 3am after Mr C's talk. (Who was never there!) Then everybody couldn't sleep and just roamed around. About 3+, Clement ordered Mac for those who wanted, and in less than 1/2 hour, it was delivered. BUT almost all who had ordered food were sleeping away! I shall not mention how "easy" was it to wake them up, especially.... =)

Day 2:
Breakfast @ 8.30 am - Roti Prata Kosong (w/o eggs) with Milo). After that, it was Whacko! Those who weren't whacked, had to perform a task assigned by Mr Chacko. Take a look at the pics below and you'll know. =) Finally, it was Murderer. Everybody had to figure out how the murder had happened and perform it. However, all 4 groups didn't get it right yea? So after knowing the truth performed by Katherine and Ghis.... It was end of The Podium Camp 2008.

Debunked and everybody went home with sleepy eyes! Sleep well guys!

To the J2's! The camp was a success! GOOD JOB! Especially the President, Ryan.

For more pics, go to!

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