Sunday, 27 April 2008

CCA Fair

We had 2 CCA fairs.

For the first CCA fair, about 20 people signed up. BUT WOW, 5 people turned up ONLY for the 1st session. T_T IT GOT WORSE, with only 1 regular supporter turning up for all the other sessions. Okay, anyway it's for the PAE only, not a big matter.

As for the SECOND CCA fair, we had about 50 people signing up! A huge difference right?? Furthermore, we have around 35 people turning up for it. A success indeed. KUDOS TO the J2s who worked hard for the CCA FAIR! Take a look at how the J2s had slogged to pull the J1s in...

2nd Fair...

Ali playing the bagpipe.

1st Fair...

For more pictures... you guys can view it @

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