Thursday, 1 May 2008

J2's stepdown; J1's takeover

30 April 2008 - The date to remember.

The stepping down of J2 Podium members and J1s officially running the CCA with the new Ex-Co members.

Surprise! The J1s planned extremely "FUN" events for the J2s. The game was extremely memorable to the J2s and especially to Ryan, the "innocent" guy, had to do extra more dares than others! Take a look at the pictures and you guys will know! All the J2s had to do a few dares and oh my god. They are indeed creative with the dares aren't they? Licking the ears, smelling socks, kissing and etc....? I shall not elaborate on more i think?

Kimberly gotta smell her smelly socks!

Chicken Dance!

Isha acting as a rockstar!

Phoebe's talent! This proves The Podium is capable of other things as well!

Leesha had to propose!

Karthik proposing to Kimberly!
Karthik: Be more romantic! Don't propose using a box of sweet!

Clement acting as a pregnant 'woman' and Ryan being the father! =x

Grace i dunno doing what? Trying to brief everybody?

Esther had to climb onto Smellyfish's back and he supposed to piggyback her.

Ali's proposal to Meryl! So sweeeeetttt......

Eugene gotta do the little teapot dance!

Ghis speaking in a fake accent.

Ryan can never escape from the dares!

Ryan feeling helpless......

After the dare or die game, they prepared a feast for us and in fact for all members! KFC! Okay. Makan makan drink drink.....

Miss Ni and Mr Ex-President

Ratna, Clement and Shaun.

Ratna trying to do something funny?

Yu Chao, Ratna & Rose


Drinking competition! Ryan's "first" cos he started off with almost nothing!

Ghis and Kat!

Look at how hungry Jeff is while Ryan is searching for food.


And so... eat eat play play chat chat...

Announcing the new Ex-Co members of The Podium 2008.

President: Cherylyn Wee

Vice President: Kimberly Ang

Debate Captain: Esther

Debate Vice-Captain: Yuen Ting Yi

Toast Head: Grace Ho

Assistant Toast Head: Shaun Tay

$Treasurer$: Shaalini Devi

$Assistant Treasurer$: Goh Hui Ling

Secretary: Aiswarya Mahadevan

Secretary Assistant: Melvinder

Quarter Master: Jun Ting

Assistant QM: Foo Qian Bi

3 Position had yet to be filled up: Webmaster, Drama mama Head and Vice Head! Work hard for it guys!

The New Ex-Co 2008

And so, the day ended with a group picture!

It had been a great day and we hope everybody will not let the Podium's spirit die off! Remember, we're the No. 1 CCA in SRJC!

Click here for more pictures.


rattnaa said...

LOL. sorry to those who had to carry out the dares written by me.
Especially to clement who had to lick Ros' ears. LOL. :D

The Podium - SRJC said...

>.< Thanks arh!

rattnaa said...

No Problem :D

rattnaa said...

eh, ryan was first cause he has the least amount of drink okay.

it was sposed to be 'GreenTea' competition btwn me&ericA only till the rest enterframe.

i was the loser still :S

Clement said...

Ok. Eric's the winner!