Monday, 10 December 2007

NTU Pre World

These are the names of the people who are involved in this event.

1) Ryan
2) Joyce
3) Eric
4) Meryl
5) Ali
6) Eugene
7) Phoebe
8) Clement - Photographer
9) Isha
10) Nikita
11) Rebecca
12) Lydia
13) Joanna
14) Tabitha
15) Hafith
16) Tushira
17) Syahir
18) Siti Marhamah
19) Fedrick
20) Stephanie
21) Woon Loo
22) Darren
23) Dorothy
24) Nathaniel
25) Hao Lun
26) Keane
27) Xian Liang
28) Dorothy
29) Jiahui
30) Charles
31) Marryam

Please send me an sms containing your full name, email address, IC Number and class for 2007 and 2008 so that keying in the CIP hours would be made simpler.
Send the sms to 94813792

There will be a briefing on December 21 2007, Friday, in NTU to ensure that all helpers are familiar with the campus. Further details of the event would also be given to you then. The meeting venue is at Canteen A.
To get there, students can take bus service 179 from Boon Lay Interchange and alight after the Simtech Building. See map for more details;
There is no specific attire required for the briefing.
Please be informed that helpers who fail to attend the briefing will not participate in the event.

Bad news, the blazers are of no use.
Attire for day 1 [December 22 2007]: Plain white tee with jeans and covered shoes
Attire for day 2 [December 23 2007]: Plain black tee with jeans and covered shoes

Any questions, please contact me [Ryan] at 94813792

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23423 said...

can u specify the timings for all three days please..thanks

- nikita